Fawad Cheque Writer Released 4.5.9

Fawad Cheque Writer Released 4.5.9

Version 4.5.9
– [Minor Fix].

Version 4.5.8
– [Minor Fix].

Version 4.5.7
– [Bug Fixed] Where “Selecting Open Payee” would remove asteriks from the fields has been fixed.
– [Bug Fixed] Where “Open Amount” would not work properly has been fixed.

Update within the app or download the latest setup from www.FawadChequeWriter.com/Setup.exe

Prerequisites, if not installed already.

For saving transaction records or adding payee

Download and install both.
SQL Server Compact 3.5 32-Bit
SQL Server Compact 3.5 64-Bit


For Viewing Reports:

Download & Install Both.

Crystal Reports Runtime 32-bit
Crystal Reports Runtime 64-bit


You can download .Net Framework 4.0 Full from this link:

.Net 4.0
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