To Download Right Click on the link below “Save Link As”. Save at Desktop. 
Google Chrome may mark it “False Positive” Virus, keep the file as it is safe. 


  • Download & Install both SQL 32 and 64BIT if you have 64 BIT Computer.
  • Download Reports 32 bit if you have 32 bit computer.
  • Download Reports 64 bit if you have 64 bit computer.
  1. SQL 32 – Bit 
  2. SQL 64- Bit 
  3. Batch Print Connector
  4. Reports 32-Bit 
  5. Reports 64-Bit
  6. Dot Net Framework 4.0    


Download Counter: 


Installation Instructions.

  1. Install and Start Program.
  2. Copy and Paste your Product ID to facebook.
  3. Enter Product Key to activate program.

To View Reports:
Download this prerequisite to view reports.

For Viewing Reports:

Download & Install Both.

Reports 32 bit
Reports 64 bit

Microsoft Frame work  SQL Compact Components Error.

To fix this error, please download install both setups.

SQL Server Compact is necessary to interact with databases:

Combine Adjustment Tool:

When all fields are out of order, use combine adjustment tool to fix fields altogether. which means when you enter value of X – axis all texts “Payee, Words, Figures, Date, Cross” will move same with Y axis except A/C Payee and it’s lines.

Printer Adjustment Tool:

This tool will adjust all fields individually, only use when you think everything is in order but for example date is out of order so you only need to adjust date. Use this tool in this scenario.

Coordinates Explanation:

  • Where increasing X coordinates will move text RIGHT.
  • Where decreasing X coordinates will move text LEFT.
  • Where increasing Y coordinates will move text DOWN.
  • Where increasing Y coordinates will move text UP.
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