Known Issues

Note: I’m unable to test all printers in the market and all windows operating systems, the way an application behave on a certain system but with the feedback I receive from my users I fix the issue and add it in the new update.


ERROR Number 1: 

Case: SQL 3.5 Components Missing Error.

SQL Server Compact 3.5


Microsoft Frame work  SQL Compact Components Error.

To fix this error, please download install both setups.

SQL Server Compact is necessary to interact with databases:


ERROR Number 2: 

You may encounter an error, when you open Batch Print, it is because you are not using Crystal Reports Run-time Pre-requisite:

Crystal Reports Run-time 32-bit

Crystal Reports Run-time 64-bit
ERROR Number: 3
.Net Framework Stuck during installation

here is a cleanup utility

  • Combine Adjustment Tool:
    If all fields are out of order, use combine adjustment tool to adjust all fields except for A/C Payee and it’s lines.
  • Printer Adjustment Tool:

Use this tool for individual adjustment of all fields.

Coordinates Explanation:

  • Where increasing X coordinates will move text RIGHT.
  • Where decreasing Y coordinates will move text LEFT.
  • Where increasing Y coordinates will move text DOWN.
  • Where increasing Y coordinates will move text UP.
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