Fawad Cheque Writer Released 4.5.3

Version 4.5.3
– [Fixed] HBL (Islamic) Date Spaced.
– [Improved] Combine Adjustment Tool [UP/DOWN – Buttons Added.]
– [Improved] Counter Adjustment Tool [UP/DOWN – Buttons Added.]
– [Added] Shortcut Ctrl + I for Incoming Cheque Record.
– [Added] Shortcut Ctrl + O for Outgoing Cheque Record.

Version 4.5.2
– [Fixed] Fixed Issues with Cheque No’s merging with other chequebooks.
– [Improvements] Accounts/Chequebook/GenerateCheques Setups are now more user-friendly.
– [Added] Cheque No is auto-incremented to next cheque no when a outgoing transaction is saved.

Version 4.5.1
– [Added] Backup File is created with date.
– [Fixed] Fixed Issues with Cheque No’s merging with other chequebooks.

Version 4.5

Important: Do not UPDATE before Upgrading your existing database, if you’re an existing user, new user can download without any problem.

– [Added] New Database “TransactionRecords”, now save Account No and Chequebook to database, previous database will not work, the database needs to be upgraded manually.
– [Added] Search by Account No and Chequebook in Outgoing Cheque Records.
– [Added] Display of progress when generating report in Outgoing Cheque Records.
– [Added] Added two more status in Incoming Cheque Records.
– [Added] Ability to Import data from excel to Outgoing Cheque Records.
– [Added] Outgoing Cheque Records Report Improved.
– [Added] Ability to create backup of your database and important files.
– [Improved] Minor Improvements in code.
– [Modified] Account/Chequebook/Cheques Generation (Chart View is in Beta Phase).


Prerequisites, if not installed already.

For saving transaction records or adding payee

Download and install both.
SQL Server Compact 3.5 32-Bit
SQL Server Compact 3.5 64-Bit


For Viewing Reports:

Download & Install Both.

Crystal Reports Runtime 32-bit
Crystal Reports Runtime 64-bit


You can download .Net Framework 4.0 Full from this link:

.Net 4.0
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