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Fawad Cheque Writer Released Version 4.4.5

Version 4.4.5
– [Fixed] Habib Metropolitan Cheque “Date” Fixed.
– [Updated] Updated Cheque Format settings for MCB Bank.
– [Added] JS Bank Limited Support Added.
– [Added] A small checkbox inside “Save Button” which means if it is checked, transaction will automatically be saved after PRINT.
– [Urdu] Enable/Disable function added.

– [PayeeList – Updated] Payee List in Payee Field has been fixed, now it will display all your parties name saved. “Double Clicking or “Select” on a [Payee-Name] in Payeebook will quickly load payee into the field but will not update drop-down menu, in order to update drop down menu, Press “Save” then “Exit”.

– [Incoming Cheque Record] Ability to export data to excel added.
– [Incoming Cheque Record] Made incoming cheque records more user-friendly.
– [Outgoing Cheque Record] Made outgoing cheque records more user-friendly.

Prerequisites, if not installed already.

For saving transaction records or adding payee

Download and install both.
SQL Server Compact 3.5 32-Bit
SQL Server Compact 3.5 64-Bit


For Viewing Reports:

Download & Install Both.

Crystal Reports Runtime 32-bit
Crystal Reports Runtime 64-bit


You can download .Net Framework 4.0 Full from this link:

.Net 4.0
1. www.fawadchequewriter.com/prereā€¦/dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe

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