Fawad Cheque Writer Released 4.2



Released 4.2
– [Added] Added Transaction Record Report:
– Ability to Display, Print and Export report by date.

Released 4.1.2
– [Added] Ability to set your default bank, on application start, your bank will be selected by default.
– [Added] Ability to Export Payee List.
– [Fixed] Summit Bank Limited cheque format settings updated.
– [Fixed] Faysal Bank Limited (Islamic) format fixed.
– [Added] Ability to append more cheques in the existing chequebook created.
Instructions as follows:
* Select Bank >
* Enter New Chequebook Serial >
* Now select “Append”, instead of “Generate”.
* Verify new chequebook serial has been added in chequebook.
* Save ChequeBook.

Released 4.1.1
– [Improvements] General Enhancements.
– [Added] Ability to write “Open Date Cheques” without date. Uncheck to not use date.
– [Added] Ability to write “Open Cheques” without payee name.
– [Added] مبلغ in urdu for urdu cheques.
– [Fixed] Date Issue is fixed in this update.
– [Fixed] Batch Print: MCB Fixed.

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